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Why I made this fanlisting

This is the only fanlisting checked by and listed at The Fanlistings Network for Bob Dylan, in the "Musicians: Male", "Authors/Writers" and "Actors" categories.

I HAD SUNG HIS SONGS in school assemblies from my primary/elementary school years; I have heard his name peppered throughout culture ever since. All I knew was that this musician had influenced a generation, was a "spokesman" for something very unique and revolutionary - was someone I would probably need some courage to listen to for myself. But I did so, one dark October, aged 15, on my daily travels to school - through the actions of daily activities, outside, inside, walking, talking, seeing and feeling, on the bus, on the train, during lunch, sitting alone, sitting in large groups, learning, ignoring, imagining - where I discovered what Dylan's music meant for me.

What brave words and rhymes! What was I listening to? Where were these feelings coming from? Whose mind, whose thoughts; which time in our history? It felt primitive, but it felt new and dare I say revolutionary... the words were drum beats, tearing leaves off oak trees and scattering them to fall from the sky. I was being taken on this journey of words and thoughts and ideas and games and theories, all these words and tones carrying me away... What on earth was happening?! But with the wind blowing in my ears and the trains whipping by, the rain in my eyes and the time running away, the sky changing colour with the seasons and the people changing clothes with the weather, I felt like I was at one with each of his songs as they played daily into my ears, unchanging in honesty but increasing always in bravery.

For me, there was no difficulty with Dylan's voice - because of his lyrical power, bravery and honesty, every word for me oozed with an unmatched seduction right from the very beginning. I was much like a flower leaning towards the sun, wanting more and more of this nourishment of the mind and imagination and the ears and soul. With every listen, my soul was being washed and my life perspectives renewed.

For me, it is Dylan's breadth of material and ideas and images, collated over the past half-century, that have kept me spellbound - learning more with every record, treasuring more with every year gone by. From his folk era to the electric era, the mellowed country era, the mystical Rolling Thunder Revue, the Reborn Christian era, the present era of dirty blues and mature realisation - from love songs to political thrashers, biting folk songs to swooning ballads - it is spellbinding how, as the man himself ages, his music never seems to age in quality or conviction.

For me, Dylan isn't the achingly natural, personal, and beautifully accurate soul-writer who cries for the pains of Ordinary People and burns with the power to resume justice that Neil Young Link opens in new window is; nor is Dylan the blue-collar American hero, trudging through the mines and holding up the true, Everyman baron for freedom and reality, with faith and conscience burning and churning through his blood that Bruce Springsteen Link opens in new window is for me. No, Dylan is something much different - something grander and more political - like the world's poet speaking from the mountain, reeling in rhymes and riddles and melodies, but wording out the truest truths of the world.

Explaining why I adore Dylan's music is something too internal and longstanding in me to even begin to extract. So now I'll keep it short: I fell in love with him - his music, his thoughts, his ideas. Dylan's soul drips with this mesmerising bravery, honesty, humour and yearning - humanity in hard rain. This is something I yearn for everyday - in people, media, culture, news, faces, conversation, love; so thank you, Robert Zimmerman, for sharing your honesty, bravery and music with us, and for helping me to take my life in a direction I will always challenge, always enjoy, and so very often trace back to you.

Rambled by the website owner, Raine

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