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about the website design

You are currently viewing the fourth layout for this fanlisting: an "I'm Not There Link opens in new window"-inspired design that has been online since June 2009. I created all graphics using many images, all of which I am highly grateful to the original photographers for taking, and sharing them with the world. Please read the site disclaimer for more information on the use of these photographs in this layout. Otherwise, photograph identifications and other general features are discussed below, in relation to the period from which they originate:

  1. Photographs:
    1. I tried to make the images featured range across all "eras" of Dylan, from his early folk era (1958-1964), to his Electric era (1965-1966), the mellow Nashville Skyline days (1967-1973), the mystical, lovesick, Rolling Thunder Revue era (1974-1978), the reborn-Christian days (1978-1989), his dark maturity period when he rediscovered his folk roots (1990-1995), to the contemporary, blues shuffling era of today (1997-present day).
    2. I'm not sure if it's noticeable but the theme here was of hands, which express everything: sadness, passion, fear, anger/annoyance, breadth, division, contemplation, passivity. The photography of Dylan over the years is incredible. Incomparable credit is due to the original photographers, for capturing such times, emotions and changes with such grace and wit.
  2. Album covers:
    1. (1964) The Times, They Are A-Changin' Link opens in new window
    2. (1976) Hard Rain Link opens in new window
    3. (1979) Slow Train Coming Link opens in new window
  3. Song lyrics:
    1. "That somebody thinks they really found you": from It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) Link opens in new window

So I hope everyone enjoys the hand-infused layout! As usual, if you have any queries about the layout in general, do contact me. Also, please read the site disclaimer for more details on the use of Bob Dylan photographs in this layout.

Below is a list of layouts that this website has previously featured:

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